illustration of a hand golding a plate with several bottles of CBD-based products

CBD cure-all

Discover magazine
Illustration of a croud protesting and pulling on a giant money bill held by a giant hand.

Global Corruption Barometer 2019

Transparency International
Woman eading soup with letters. Books on the table and in the background we see books on a shelf

A língua da ciência

Pesquisa FAPESP
Illustration of people and a wave of bacterias.

A gripe vem forte

Revista Saúde


Morning Studios
Illustration of a hand holding a red card

Preconceito Não

FGF & Alopra Studio
Illustration of a woman storing pixels on a DNA sequence.

DNA Data Storage

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Men measuring a giant tomato

Supernovas #399

Woman opening a boog with birds flying off of it.

Uma trama de cordéis

Pesquisa FAPESP
Man connecting wires to a giant head.

Curious minds

Susquehanna Currents
Portrait of a woman smoking.

2 color study

Personal work
Illustration of a man carving out from silhuette.


Focus on the Family
Arabic Scientist pulling a cord.


Farmer looking at smartphone alets.

Fake news

Educatrix - Editora Moderna
Fictional brick factory


Man turning a on a lamp that reveals a jungle in his shadow.

looking inside

Personal work
Hands coming out from a bed. Illustration about nightmares.


Revista Saúde
Illustration of a woman reading for a kid

Forgiveness animation

Fluent Studios
Illustration about plants' DNA

Supernovas #392

Book cover.

Retratos do que vejo

Illustration of papers flying and covering a scientist's face.

Plágio acadèmico

Pesquisa FAPESP
Illustration of DNA cord as a prision.

Year in Science

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Illustration of a woman running with a dog on the snow

Advent Calendar

Illustration about breastfeeding problems.

Radar Saúde

Revista Saúde
Broken ribs illustration.


Revista Saúde
Illustration of multiple eyes.

Visão de Futuro

Revista Saúde